DI Labs at Ethereum Community Developer Conference in Sydney


One of the biggest Blockchain event  “EDCON” took place last week in Sydney, Australia.

EDCON was a six-day long event including 3 days of Hackathon.

The initial 3 days were devoted to the Hackathon where participants worked on Ethereum Layer 1 and layer 2 challenges. Primary focus was on transaction scalability. Our colleague Jawwad Firdousi participated in Hackathon with the Sydney-based Crypto Startup that is building an online multiplayer augmented reality game. Jawwad and the team worked on the idea of maintaining the state of player’s moves using Ethereum State Channels (State Channels are Layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum Blockchain). This would allow the players to update states in real-time with cryptographic signatures, while still having full confidence that they can revert back to the Ethereum main-chain if necessary. The team spent 2 days in turning merely an idea into a cryptographically-secured and tamper-proof solution. And guess what? Jawwad's team got the 2nd prize (Silver Champions) at the Hackathon.

Hackathon was then followed by a 3 days Conference. Where many Ethereum core developers presented the ideas and progress about scaling the Blockchain transactions. Ethereum creator, Vitalik Buterin’s opening talk on Eth 2.0 progress and its gradual transition from PoW to PoS was the biggest highlight of the conference. A panel discussion was also held regarding the socio-economic issues that Blockchains can potentially solve for the common good.

Digital Impact Labs’ presence at the EDCON 2019 was a pleasant and fruitful experience. It will surely help us in implementing advance use cases for decentralized computing with cutting-edge Blockchain technology.