Start-Up kämpft für mehr Digitalisierung in der Tiermedizin


In der letzten Woche haben wir an dieser Stelle IN HARMONY vorgestellt, die seit Anfang des Monats in der neuen SpinLab-Start-up-Klasse dabei sind. Ein weiteres junges Unternehmen, das den Auswahlprozess geschafft hat, ist Digitail. Sebastian Gabor, Gründer und CEO des in Barcelona ansässigen Start-ups, hat uns im Interview mehr über sein Geschäftsmodell verraten.

What is Digitail doing and how did you come up with the idea?

Digitail is on a mission to digitize the veterinary healthcare industry. Even though we are using technology in our everyday lives, doctors in this veterinary healthcare industry are still using pen and paper or need to use more than 2 - 3 different applications to manage the clinic and the relationship with the patient.Digitail is an all in one CRM & ERP solution that helps clinics to:

  • Store in the cloud and manage health records;

  • Send automatic reminders to clients for appointments;

  • Have an online booking system;

  • Manage inventory and stock;

  • Sell products and get reports;

Next to be launched: a Digital Health Card app for pet owners and a Marketplace to enable doctors to buy directly from suppliers.(We are pet owners ourselves and we encountered the industries problems first hand!)

You are already active on the market in different countries. How is the business in Germany different from those in other markets?

In Germany you definitely have more legislation, but the scalability appears to be higher. Also, the clinics already know the need and the solution so we do not need to educate the market on the benefits and how to use the product.

We are at the beginning of penetrating the German market so there is much more to find out!

What benefit does your solution bring insurance companies?

At the moment, it is difficult for insurance companies to distinguish fraudulent pet owners from the pet owners that really care and invest in the healthcare of their pets. Digitail has the advantage to tap into the health records of the pet and deliver this information to insurance companies. In exchange, the pet owner can get a personalized insurance plan for their pet.

Moreover, Digitail acts as a distribution channel to place and sell insurance products. As a result, the pet owner will be able to buy and manage the insurance products himself and receive personalized offers from insurance companies. On top of this, we are currently exploring also the needs of the clinics regarding insurance products (liability insurances and others).

What do you expect from your time at SpinLab Leipzig?

The Spinlab team has managed to set the expectations really high! I’m personally excited about meeting new people with great stories and a lot of wisdom to share! This will enable us to learn and become better at what we do! Also, it gives us the chance to pilot many projects with the partners of SpinLab. We see this as a great chance to penetrate the German market and increase the speed of our sales process.

It will be a great journey!